Commercial Landscaping

A healthy, well-groomed property is important to your business image and how it is managed is important to your bottom line.


We can help leverage budgets & operational spending to unlock the potential value of your landscape. We combine all of our core services such as landscape management, water management, landscape construction, snow and ice removal and lighting to ensure your facility or property is accessible and well maintained. We will create a comprehensive maintenance program designed specifically for your property that ensures long lasting value.

Residential Landscaping

We Value Your Property and home as you do.


We take into account your preferences and create a maintenance plane to suits your property. From simple weekly lawn mowing and shrub pruning to full service landscape maintenance program for a meticulously manicured landscape, we can cover all aspects of your landscaping needs.


We can incorporate our hardscape services for repair to design and install for projects such as: patios, walkways, tie wall and more. We are confident that you will find our years of experience, extensive plant knowledge and professionalism is what drives our company. Top to bottom, we maintain your property ensuring value and curb appeal.


▪ Hand weeding

▪ Weed control

▪ Edging

▪ Fertilization and weed control of lawn area

▪ Mowing of all lawn areas

▪ Shrub and tree pruning

▪ Aerate and seed

▪ Mulching

▪ Erosion  and drainage control

▪ Leaf removal

Landscape Management

F.S. Landscaping provides landscape maintenance services to property owners and managers throughout the Capital region.


We create a plan with the client that addresses the properties unique requirements. This custom plan is created at the beginning of the contract and is the foundation for long-term goals. Whether residential or commercial in nature, the plan is thoroughly communicated to the project team, led by managers who are fully-qualified and equipped to perform and oversee any landscape maintenance service needed on the site.


In addition to being accountable for the landscape maintenance of each project, these managers are also responsible for customer communication and satisfaction, as well as the training, safety of their crew.


The practice of accountability with all members of our landscape maintenance team results in attention to detail, employee training and continuous improvement in field efficiencies.

Turf Management

F.S. Landscaping is the top choice for all your turf management needs.


Whether you need help maintaining your corporate complex, office park, apartments, condominiums, school grounds, sports turf or other large properties, we got you covered. We can design a program for your specific needs to truly improve your turf, not just maintain it.


We provide fertilization, weed control, lawn aeration, lawn seeding and many of our other services tie into a well-developed plan. A healthy, well-groomed property is important to your business image and how it is managed is important to your bottom line. We can help leverage budgets & operational spending to unlock the potential value of your landscape.

Tree & Shrub Care

Your trees and shrubs contribute to your business' curb appeal.


Secure your landscape investment with stronger, healthier, more beautiful trees and shrubs that you'll appreciate for years to come. Our Tree and Shrub Care program consists of specifically designed and scheduled applications. We recognize and treat a variety of diseases, maintenance, insect and climatic problems.


Your trees and shrubs will receive an array of services. Each of our applications provides a very important and timely function, from fertilization to pest control.

Our landscape specialists are trained to recognize potential and existing pest problems and how to control them. Your trees and shrubs will receive customized care and will have fewer pests.

Seasonal Color Management

Using annual flowers in a well-designed landscape will play an important role in adding color and character.


Annuals require higher levels of both maintenance and water, so plant annual beds in areas near water sources. Planting annuals randomly throughout the landscape increases maintenance and lessens the plants' aesthetic impact.


Annuals are a wonderful way to draw attention to your building, or to provide visitors with a nice visual and fragrant experience. Trust our designer to suggest the colors and textures that will enhance your landscape.

Fertilization & Pesticides

We provide superior treatments for lawns, trees and shrubs at the commercial or residential level.


We provide fertilization, weed control, lawn aeration, lawn seeding and many of our other services for apartments, condominium associations, office parks, schools, athletic fields and other large properties. Fertilization is necessary, in order for your lawn to grow and thrive. From choosing the right plant or turf grass for the right space, to the limited and proper use of lawn fertilizers and pesticides, our experts can ensure your lawn care program works with the environment, and not against it.

Water Management

We understand how crucial irrigation management is to keeping your site looking its best.


The accumulation and control of storm water runoff is a fairly common challenge for property owners. We can provide a storm water management analysis, engineered solutions, and installation expertise to mitigate any storm water challenges.


Leaks and adjustments are an inconvenience if not addressed quickly, and can even involve property repairs or safety issues.


Our irrigation specialists will provide you with attentive service to keep your system running well through a customized watering program.

Landscape Design & Installations

We take into account your personal style and your level of commitment to maintaining your residential landscape.


Along with your personal preferences, our landscape designers will design around sun & shade requirements, privacy needs, drainage issues and wind direction.


We provide professional landscape architecture to capture the vision of your space, and stay within the defined budget of your project. From simple to elaborate constructions, we offer the highest quality services and materials to ensure that your project is vibrant, healthy, and worry-free. Installing landscaping around your home adds beauty and value. Adding plant materials, boulders and pavers help create an environment that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Hardscape Design & Installations

Hardscaping consists of any design project that involves permanent or semi permanent materials such as stone and pavers.


Hardscaping is a beautiful way to improve the look of any outdoor living areas. Some of our hardscaping services include driveways, patios, walkways, pools, water features, fire pits, fire places, and retaining walls.


We offer many options for the hardscape elements of a landscape. Our professional crew is experienced, knowledgeable and committed to quality workmanship.

When planning hardscape installation, we are careful to plan and account for possible damage to the existing site; check utility and water line placement, soil condition and safe equipment access. Most hardscape installation involve important advance planning.

Construction drawings are studied thoroughly and tools and materials are assembled prior to beginning the project. Local building codes may need to be consulted to determine the legality of the project.

Snow & Ice Removal

When a winter storm strikes, you can rest assured F.S. Landscaping will make certain your property remains a safe and accessible.


Our team's reputation for consistency and response time. Our drivers are courteous and quality oriented. Emergency contact phone numbers are supplied upon acceptance of contract.


• Snow plowing

• Salting of lots, drives or thoroughfares (Calcium Chloride can be substituted)

• Shoveling of sidewalks

• Calcium Chloride applied to your walks

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